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Secrets of Slot Machines

There is nothing easier than to start playing video slots in a casino: just register, make a deposit, and you will see a menu with dozens of slot machines for every taste. You just have to click on the buttons and wait for the win. But is everything as simple as it seems at first glance? Is it worth entrusting the choice of slots up to 500 free spins and more only to your intuition? Experienced players will say that this is the easiest way to lose. Today, we’ll discover some secrets of slots that will allow you to make the game more meaningful and successful.

Everyone knows that the frequency of winnings and their size depend on the operation of the random number generator (RNG). Theoretically, its work should be the same, and not depend on the time of the game, the size of bets, or other factors. However, as practice shows, in reality, the work of the RNG is adjusted. Based on the experience of testers and players, there are some secrets of slot machines you should know about.

Popular or New Slot: What to Choose?


Some newbies think that you shouldn’t choose slots that most gamblers play.If there are a lot of players, the machine goes through the cycle quickly, and there is a high probability that it will get into the phase of the money back and disrupt a big win. If there are few players, the machine can only collect bets for weeks without any hope of winning. For the same reason, testers do not recommend playing for money in new slot machines. It is worth waiting for a few weeks for several game cycles to pass, and the device will reach the specified mode of operation. However, you can always try out a brand new slot in the test mode of a free game.

Secrets of Game Tactics


Which is better: to put 2 euros on five lines or 1 on ten? The second option increases your chances of winning not twice, but much more. For a successful game, you should try to close the maximum possible number of lines, especially for slot machines, where the bonus game falls in the form of free spins.

Often, the face value, and not just the size of the bet, affects the behavior of the slot. You can understand what rates the slot is sensitive to after a long test in free mode. There is a simpler way - look at the page with a description of the selected device on the website, get acquainted with the recommendations of testers, and check them in practice.

If the video slot doesn’t give winnings, you can try to reverse the trend by changing the game cycles by pressing the Max Bet button (maximum bet). The experience of players allows predicting in this case a change in the behavior of the machine.

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Museum Highlights

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